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Hi! In light of Romance in the Beast World raws getting paywalled, I have set up a Ko-fi page (https://ko-fi.com/solsticetranslations) for readers who want to help out! The donations would be used toward raws and website.

I linked the Ko-fi page with Solstice Translations Discord server. Special roles will be given based on whether you make a one-time donation or monthly donation. Haven’t figured out benefits yet, but… I have a separate channel set up for these roles! You can make suggestions on what benefits you want to see! (You might need to connect to your Discord user to get the role. If you don’t get the role, just DM me proof of donation and I’ll manually add the role for you! 🙂 )

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  1. Cheryl Maxson

    I came here to read more chapters of Romance in the Beast World (Chapter 31+) and I found no such thing. Why are you leading people here with the promise of more chapters and not keeping your promise?

    1. Sola

      Hi! The manga aggregators, where you probably read my translations, take my releases from my website without permission. 🙁 I don’t have any control over them, and therefore those “misleading” messages you see on aggregators shouldn’t be considered “my voice” (since they’re doing this without my permission!).
      But rest assured releases are uploaded on this website first! Sorry about the misunderstanding (I hate aggregators :'( ), but thank you for visiting my website! Hope you keep supporting me by reading here! 🙂

    2. Anon

      They’re literally doing their best. They’re a solo translator. If you want faster chapters so bad, translate them yourself.

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