NSFW Version of Romance in the Beast World

I created an NSFW version of Romance in the Beast World! It’s password locked, join my Discord (discord.gg/JJnNRK9jSQ) to get the latest password. You can find the password under the series information in #series channel, or pinned in the #announcements channel. This NSFW version is a side side project so I can’t promise regular updates….

Site Issues February 28, 2022

Good day! Apparently there were some loading issues for the latest chapter of Romance in the Beast World (chapter 42), specifically on mobile. I’m trying out various things to see if they’d fix the issue… But it’s kind of hard to test. If you encounter loading issues now or in the future, please send a…


Hi! In light of Romance in the Beast World raws getting paywalled, I have set up a Ko-fi page (https://ko-fi.com/solsticetranslations) for readers who want to help out! The donations would be used toward raws and website. I linked the Ko-fi page with Solstice Translations Discord server. Special roles will be given based on whether you…

Site Issues January 20, 2022 – Fixed

UPDATE: The chapter lists are working again! (Though the comments are still not showing up… Still working on getting that fixed.) Hi! The site is experiencing some issues loading chapter lists right now. I’m looking into it to get it fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience! – Sola